Laboratory at ROMB Spółka Akcyjna has been operating since 1995. Its main objective is providing the highest level of service quality. Since 1998 the Laboratory has been conducting researches in the range of accreditation AB 196 and since 2006 calibration in the range of accreditation AP 097.

Laboratory conducts ITT researches in cooperation with Building Research Institute in Warsaw and IFT Rosenheim in Germany.
Laboratory cooperates with IFT Rosenheim and performs calculation of thermal transmittance (coefficient Uf) to which the report is given by IFT Rosenheim (laboratory has Certificate QM339- calculation of thermal transmittance according to EN10077-2).

Satisfaction of our customers is essential for us; relentless, through solicitude, we aspire to make our services better.

The implementation and maintenance management system compliant with international norm PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 is a confirmation of our reliability in the field of laboratory activities and builds trust in the results of tests and measurements we provide.

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In 2011 Laboratory at ROMB Spółka Akcyjna has been awarded with certificate „QM339 –calculation of thermal transmittance according to EN 10077-2″ issued by prestigious Institute in Europe: IFT Rosenheim. Laboratory has signed an agreement with IFT Rosenheim according to which the Laboratory performs calculation of thermal transmittance and IFT Rosenheim issues the certificate.

QM339 Certificate is not only a prestigious award but also a showpiece for our company in the international arena, testifying to the European standard. It confirms that the Laboratory fulfills all requirements of the European quality norm for calculation of thermal transmittance in joinery.