Door locks


ROMB SA as one of few in the country is also the producer of single-point mortise locks for doors made of steel, aluminum and plastic

Depending on the location where the door joinery is applied, applicable regulations or customer requirements, following varieties of locks are available in our offer:

– latch-bolt,
– roller-bolt,
– bolt.

Locks ought to be selected according to the material of which doors are made:

– aluminum,
– steel,
– plastic profiles.


Locks manufactured by ROMB S.A. are single-point models, which have axis span of handles and pads 92 mm and dornmass 25, 30, 35, 40 mm. Two advantages worth mentioning are: the possibility of usage as left or right and the adjustable latch.

We produce also locks dedicated for special use in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 12209: 2005 / AC, 2006 norm:
– KPO fire locks – dornmas 30, 35 and 40,
– locks with a hook latch – h6 and h14.

Faceplates and striker plates are made of stainless steel (INOX), in two varieties, which are adapted to the type of profile (aluminum or PVC):
– flat – 3mm,
– in C shape – 6 and 8 mm.

To improve aesthetic of both the faceplates and striker plates we apply appropriate plugs to those products. Moreover, selected varieties of striker plates are equipped with electric striker and possibility of regulation, which allow for usage in public buildings