Fanlight opener TAKT-150 (in its basic version) is used in vertically mounted rectangular tilt windows made of wood, PVC-U and aluminum with horizontal sash turn axis.

Sashes can be single or arranged in series. TAKT-150 hardware enables inward tilting of sashes with max weight 80 kg, sash width from 400 mm to 3600 mm and minimum height Hz = 400 mm.

Lever locking rod TAKT-150 allows operating from the floor with the usage of a lever and a steel rod which is used for the purpose of power transmission. In special cases where it is necessary to bypass the window sill or other obstacles at the window, the drive is transmitted by flexible connector which has different lengths.

When using flexible connectors maximum sash weight is 60 kg. Size of the sash tilt – ca 150 mm. The design of the opener allows it to be mounted at the right or left side of the sash.

Main masking and decorative elements are made in basic colors: white, brown and silver anodized. All steel elements of lever locking rod are zinc coated with silver passivation and elements made of light alloys have decorative varnished or anodized finish.


We are sure that both functionality and aesthetic values of this product will satisfy even the most demanding customers.