PERIPHERAL HARDWARE ROMB – hardware system designed for PVC-U and wooden windows and balcony doors. This system allows comfortable and safe support of turn/tilt, turn and tilt windows.

Depending on configuration, windows can be: multi sash, single sash, with movable or fixed post.

Basic hardware functions can be significantly expanded by using additional elements such as:
– micro-ventilation,
– tilt regulation,
– limited sash opening,
– blocking incorrect handle position,
– lifting the sash during opening.

Availability of diverse hinge systems allows for production of joinery with sashes weighing up to: 80, 100 and 130 kg.

Due to the well-concidered construction ROMB hardware can be fitted both by hand and on assembly line. Most of the hardware allows for usage in left and right windows which in consequence significantly reduces the amount of stored parts. Masking elements are made in four basic colors: white, brown, silver and gold.

Scope of hardware use for typical joinery: for sash width 290 to 1600 mm, for sash height 360 to 2400 mm.

ROMB system offers hardware with increased resistance to burglary, its characteristic quality is the mushroom deadbolt. This type of hardware allows to reach resistance to burglary predicted in PN-EN-1627 standard.

ROMB Spółka Akcyjna as an experienced manufacturer of hardware for doors and windows, and thanks to having design office and a well-equipped research laboratory, is a guarantee for maintaining the high quality of its products. Continual development results in the implementation of new solutions and functionalities which meet arising needs of our customers.