Special hardware

Romb system includes hardware for differently shaped windows, for example: arched and trapezoid windows or tilt/slide doors and windows.


This hardware is used for tilt/slide windows and doors without forced control. It is a perfect and innovative construction solution, applied in places where usage of traditionally constructed windows is impossible or significantly impeded, for example when the size of area is limited or when other barriers eventuate from arrangement of interior.

Developed with the utmost care for multiple hardware system configuration ROMB SUW  is used in the construction of wooden and PVC windows and in aluminum systems with groove similar as in PVC windows.

The greatest advantage is extremely compatible hardware system used on the district of sashes similar for PVC, wood or aluminum. The difference however constitute locking striker plates, runners, rails and masking elements mounted on the exterior of the sash or frame. Masking and decorative elements are available in following colors: white, brown and silver.

Adjusted ergonomic handle with elongated grip part allows to easily manoeuvre the hardware in small and medium sized windows with max. weight of sah up to 130 kg.

Scopes of use: for sash width 640 to 1600 mm, for sash height 750 to 2400 mm.

Hardware for arched windows

Hardware for arched windows presents a perfect complement to the range of ROMB hardware for windows with unusual shapes. As the name suggests hardware is used in arched windows, ending with semicircular and segmental arches, for windows with one and two sashes and for models with movable post.

okucie specjalne lukowe

The demand for this type of hardware results from the necessity of reconstruction and restoration of historic buildings or from the needs of the modern architecture.

Specially designed arched stay system and other hardware components are working in the bottom of the window (gliding, floating and adjusting) to ensure proper operation of the hardware in every possible configuration.

The other advantage of this hardware is the possibility to fit trapezoid windows. In each case main dimensions of the wing decide about scope of application: width, height measured to arch, arch size and variety.

Depending on window construction we can offer three kinds of hardware:
– ROMB S5 – for wooden windows,
– ROMB TwO-Ł– for PVC-U windows,
– ROMB ALU-Ł- for aluminum systems.

Scopes of use of the hardware for tilt/turn arched windows with full arch: for sash width 510 to 1250 mm, for sash height 550-2040 mm.
Maximum weight of sash up to 60 kg.

Hardware for trapezoid windows

Included in the group of special hardware of ROMB systems, used in windows with unusual shapes, slanted or trapezoid, tilt or tilt/turn.

In our offer you can find three kinds of hardware, depending on windows material:
– ROMB S5-T – for trapezoid wooden windows
– ROMB TwO-T – for PVC-U windows
– ROMB ALU-T –for trapezoid aluminum windows.

Characteristic of this type of hardware are three elements:
– corner T /ripped/ -with possibility to adapt to angle (+45 – 15 degrees),
– stay arm with articulated bearing of upper hinge,
– lower corner hinge – allows for driver transfer to the back part of the sash.

It  is recommended to replace stay and stay arm with joint with arched stay in aluminum windows.
Assembling of this type of hardware is similar to this of arched windows. The same solution is also admissible in trapezoid wood and PVC windows.

Scopes of use of hardware for trapezoid windows: for sash width 510 to 1250 mm, for sash height 520 to 2400 mm. Maximum weight of the sash up to 60 kg.