ROMB ALU hardware is used in order to close, turn and tilt sashes of aluminum windows with hardware groove similar as in PVC profiles.

Basic technological information:
Maximum sash weight:100 kg
Groove (hardware) width:16 mm
Distance from handle axis to front:15 mm (7,5) mm
Deadbolt height from front:8 mm
Deadbolt throw:2×17 mm
Spacing of holes for screws in the handle:43 mm
Notch clearance:min. 12 mm

A handle, which according to the needs can be either 4- or 8-position, performs operating function.

Individual hardware components are mounted in the stiles of window and frame.
Surface of the hardware, thanks to the applied galvanic anticorrosive coating – additionally coated with sealing lacquer, meets the requirements of BS EN 1670: 2008 Building hardware. Corrosion resistance in 3rd class of this norm / high corrosion resistance 96 h /, allows for such hardware to be used in aluminum systems.

Due to similar construction of aluminum profiles ROMB ALU hardware can be used also in aluminum profiles made by other manufacturers.

In window sashes with very small cross-sections (so-called cold systems), there is a possibility to use drive gears with the axis of 7.5 in turn, turn-tilt, tilt windows and in those with movable post.

Scope of ROMB ALU hardware usage:

– width of the sash: 400 to 1200 mm,
– height of the sash: 520 to 2400 mm,
– maximum sash weight is 100 kg.

For sashes with Hw > 750 mm use lift with blockade.

Masking elements (guards) are available in following colors: white, brown, silver and gold.

Benefits resulting from the usage of ROMB ALU hardware:

1. Basic hardware functions can be significantly enhanced through the use of additional accessories.
2. Most of parts can be used in either left or right windows.
3. It has a blockade in the stay.
4. Possibility of mounting drive gear blockade.