40th anniversary of ROMB S.A.


This year our company celebrates its 40th anniversary. One of many ways we cherish this jubilee is the addition of the section regarding the history of the plant to our website. Rich history gives us an excellent foundation, we have learned a lot over the past 40 years.

I want to encourage everyone to read the information provided in the History section. Events such as the beginnings of the construction, launch of the production, privatization, investments, and implementations of the products are presented here.

“Our past gives shape to our future.” – these are words of a prominent Polish humanist. We are a mature company, conscious of the history that shaped us, but at the same time future-oriented and open to change.

Therefore, richer in experience, consecutively increasing our share in the global markets, we have matured to the decision of changing the name of our company. We have chosen a short, easily recognizable name, explicitly associated with our flagship product. Effective July 28, 2014 our company has changed its name from Metalplast KARO Złotów SA to ROMB SA.

Giving thanks to the former and the current employees of the plant for the daily effort and energy they put into the development of our factory, I warmly invite to read its story!

President of the Board

Dariusz Filipowicz