The beginnings


The history of ROMB Spółka Akcyjna begins on February 28, 1974, when a decision was officially made about starting the process of building the FEWB “Metalplast Złotów” factory. Construction works at production plant begun in autumn and therefore our company celebrates its anniversary in September.

Establishment of the plant was a significant project from the point of view of the city and the whole region – FEWB Metalplast Złotów was meant to be one of the most modern facilities in the country. It was an answer to the problem of deficiencies in quality, quantity, and modernity on the window and door joinery market.  Newspapers followed the progress of works with great interest. They reported that the building contractor had serious problems with the timely commissioning of all of the structures, the main issue though, was the lack of galvanizing plant. Creative and persevering staff of the factory did not give in to the circumstances and decided to organize a temporary drum line and to use the assistance of subcontractors.

ROMB hardware

The beginning of 1990s was a turning point for the company. Both, the construction and technology office and new machines, made the design works on ROMB hardware much easier. In 1993 first assemblies of this product were delivered to our main customers. Almost all domestic producers used our hardware those days.

In 1999 TAKT-150 design works begun. It was launched in 2002 and since then had been modernized and gained new design.


Accession to the European Union in 2004 and therefore opening of the market for western competition again forced a number of changes and adjustment actions on the company.
Although technically the company was fully competitive, as far as organization was concerned FEWB needed transformation and gaining experience in operating on free market, creating sales policy and in marketing. Our competitors on the other hand came to Poland with prepared operating plans and enormous financial background.



In 2007 Aluprof SA from Bielsko-Biała became the new owner of FEWB Metalplast Złotów. The company entered the Kęty Group and changed its name to Metalplast Karo Złotów SA. Privatization process lasted four years and was completed with the purchase of 100% of issued shares. It was a period of significant structural and organizational changes which enabled the company to develop a clear strategy of growth. Luckily, a number of solutions that were proven to be successful were implemented straight from the Kęty Group. Among others IT standards were adapted and hardware and advanced software was bought to support maintenance of various processes. Furthermore, millions were invested to modernize the machinery.
Following the example of the Kęty Group and implementing the idea of corporate social responsibility, Metalplast made serious investments in modernization of Galvanizing Plant which in turn enabled the company to reduce both the emission of pollution and water consumption.

The extension of the offer and new challenges

The company systematically expands its range of products. Carrying out joint projects and providing its technology of production, ROMB SA constitutes a natural production background for the Kety Group. Components produced at the plant are used in systems offered by other companies of the group and contribute significantly to the total volume of sales of ROMB SA.


At the same time we are not putting aside works on our own assortment. Dynamically changing market, stringent regulations and the growing demands in the construction industry all force modernization and implementations of new products. Recently, we have introduced fireproof locks and innovative hardware ROMB DYNAMIC. Works on the fitting called ROMB ALU EURO dedicated to aluminum objects are almost finished. Construction of solutions for passive buildings is our next challenge.

New name – new value

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – these words of an American management expert Peter Drucker inspired the Management Board to change the company name to ROMB SA. The intention was to provide a brief, easily recognizable name associated with our dominant product. New name is also a new value and an escape from the old image and the old name. The change was dictated by both the necessity of improving communication with customers and the need to increase protection of the ROMB brand.

Changes concerning the names of products

Renaming embraced the concept of product names standardization, eg. changing the name of KARO locks to ROMB locks, tilt-sliding windows hardware from KARO SUW to ROMB SUW and hardware for aluminum windows from ALU KARO to ROMB ALU.

We focus on further development, on co-operation with our partners and acquiring new ones, on works regarding new projects. We have a lot to do, a lot to offer and we are looking forward to new challenges.